Corporate Guideline


The people at Betz-Chrom GmbH are united by the inner image of green electroplating to be developed – that is our vision. With high-quality services and modern technology, we optimise complex surfaces of steel components for a safe and contemporary life.


Our mission is to realise the vision of green electroplating in all areas of the company. We integrate the interests of all relevant parties. We derive measures to achieve our ambitious goals. Through internal audits, annual management assessments and transparent evidence in the sustainability report, we ensure that our measures are successful and that we are constantly improving.

Who we are

Betz-Chrom GmbH, founded in 1952, specialises in component finishing. Our precisely applied services range from galvanic hard chrome plating to chemical nickel plating and mechanical processing. Our expertise extends across various industries, from mechanical engineering to civil aviation and the food industry. We are characterised by sincerity, openness and reliability.

What makes us special

Our high proportion of skilled workers, many years of experience, reliable measuring and testing technology and modern CNC grinding technology enable us to fulfil customer requirements with a high degree of accuracy. Betz-Chrom GmbH is a multi-certified company (EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001) as an expression of our clear management and our focus on compliance with quality, environmental, labour protection and energy standards.

Our unique selling points

Our consulting services are provided exclusively by experienced specialists. We work with suppliers and customers to find the best solutions for processing components in such a way that they fulfil the requirements for safety, appearance and profitability.

Our values

We value our Betz-Chrom team, enjoy our work, rely on a constant willingness to learn and cultivate honest, respectful communication. Tolerance and appreciation for diversity are fundamental principles. We act in a solution-orientated manner. Compassion and confidence are important to us.

Meaningful commitment

As Betz-Chrom GmbH, we are committed to projects in our immediate and more distant environment. As part of our social responsibility, we support the NGO HateAid, the Lichtblick Seniorenhilfe association, the Malteser Ambulant Hospice Service and other organisations in the spirit of CSR. For example, we organise our own trips to support Ukrainian Caritas with food, medical supplies and everyday products. We do not support any political parties.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We are working to constantly minimise our negative environmental impact. Energy and raw material monitoring, CO2 reduction, the search for alternative energy sources, minimising consumption and the use of more environmentally friendly raw materials are central to our strategy.

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Obligation to comply with legal provisions

We fulfil all legal requirements relevant to our activities and do not pursue any illegal activities. A robust security system and regular internal controls ensure compliance.

Employee development and appreciation

We emphasise the personal and professional development of our employees. We encourage and challenge. We value each employee individually. Knowledge management ensures the applicability of our acquired expertise across generations. We are constantly developing the blueprint for the future of Betz-Chrom GmbH with curiosity and drive.

We live consciously: GOOD – OPEN – RELIABLE

Betz-Chrom – your partner for strong parts

In the sense of a trustful partnership, you will receive highly qualified technical advice from us that is tailored to your needs. We combine 70 years of experience in surface technology with an innovative and inquisitive corporate culture. Our quality awareness, our occupational health and safety management as well as our measures for environmental protection and energy saving are audited and certified according to DIN standards. As an on-schedule partner with high quality level, we constantly aim to find the optimal process solution for you.