Corporate Guideline

Our vision

We, the people of Betz-Chrom GmbH have the vision of green electroplating. We offer our services on a high quality level and by means of the latest technologies. These optimize surfaces of steel components for a modern and safe life. Our employees are highly trained. We all work actively to create a good working atmosphere. This is based on the obligation to prevent injuries and illnesses and extends from team-building measures to future-oriented trainings. Supporting ecological and social projects is a matter of course for us.

Our philosophy

In order to briefly outline our company philosophy to the point, we quote the two opposing personalities Werner von Siemens and Karl Marx. The former says, “Für augenblicklichen Gewinn verkaufe ich die Zukunft nicht.” (I will not sell the future for instant profit) and the second additionally contributes „Nichts ist von Wert, wenn es nicht sinnvoll ist.“ (nothing is of value unless it is meaningful).

For us, this means in concrete terms:

  • The economic pursuit of working to at least cover costs in bad times and in good years to build up a financial cushion for times of crisis.
  • The obligation to comply with the legal provisions, as well as the provision of safe work equipment and regular training for safe workplaces. Illegal activities, on the other hand, will be punished.
  • To actively and beneficially contribute to society as a part of it, beyond the existing laws. We take from society, for example, by using its existing infrastructure, by invoking legal security, by participating in the pension and health care systems, and by enjoying great information benefits. On the other hand, we strengthen society e.g. in the sense of vocational education for young people, the promotion and further training to become master craftsmen and technicians, the securing of jobs, the reception and integration of refugees or other people in need of intensive care. Our commitment to consultation and active participation of employees makes all our lives richer and more holistic. We are therefore aware of the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and actively live them.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility has nothing to do with greenwashing, employer branding or the prevailing zeitgeist. Because, in the words of Bishop Reinhard Marx, “Wer den Zeitgeist heiratet, ist morgen schon Witwer.” (Those who marry the spirit of the times will be widowers tomorrow). The term sustainability emerged in connection with the emerging forestry of the 18th century.

The obligation to eliminate hazards and minimise risks both internally and externally is clearly visible in our CSR-report, which is published annually. It shows all projects, their status and the use of the various forms of energy (electricity/water/air/earth). Our procurement is already committed to the goals of green electroplating just like all employees in production, the division managers and the executive directors – indeed, the whole company. Michael Braungart, the founder of the cradle-to-cradle concept, writes: “In Germany we still think that the environment is a moral issue”. But that is not how it is, as he excellently explains. An intact environment is our basis for life. Environment is our present and our future. Even though very large companies are being trimmed to maximize profits at the moment, to the delight of quarterly report readers and shareholders, we want to continue on our path of green electroplating. To quote the Dalai Lama: “Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”. This is not always easy, but it is our goal.

Our values

We want to stay healthy – despite all the pleasure we take in our work and the services we enjoy providing for our customers. We enjoy working together, however differently we were shaped. We take pleasure in what we do. The continuous improvement process is not just a standard requirement, it is a meaningful process. Getting better is good!

We are sincere in conversation and open to the needs of ourselves and of our interlocutors. We are willing to act and make decisions. We are active and reliable. We leave it to everyone on their own to become happy in accordance to their style and religion, we don’t do missionary work at our workplace. And, to keep it short, according to the the great Wilhelm Busch: “Toleranz ist gut, aber nicht gegenüber den Intoleranten.” (Tolerance is good, but not towards the intolerant).

We enable development, whether it is in vocational education, in conquering the German language, in further training to become a master craftsman or technician or in offering a sabbatical for the realization of a lifelong dream. We treat each other with respect. We keep a childlike curiosity in regard to changes and experiment with alternative procedures for the future. We live consciously:


Betz-Chrom – your partner for strong parts

In the sense of a trustful partnership, you will receive highly qualified technical advice from us that is tailored to your needs. We combine 70 years of experience in surface technology with an innovative and inquisitive corporate culture. Our quality awareness, our occupational health and safety management as well as our measures for environmental protection and energy saving are audited and certified according to DIN standards. As an on-schedule partner with high quality level, we constantly aim to find the optimal process solution for you.