functional chrome plating of a new generation

BeGreen Chrome®

Hard chromium plating based on trivalent chromium compounds

Hard chrome is characterized by a variety of technical properties that are valued in a wide range of industries and, in combination, cannot currently be replaced by any other technology. Because of the dangers posed by chromium(VI), the surface finishing industry has been looking for an alternative for several years. While chromium(III) technology is already being used for decorative purposes, there is still a need for research and development for functional chrome plating.

Since 2017, Betz-Chrom has been working with innovative chemical suppliers to test electrolytes based on trivalent chromium compounds for hard chrome plating. The result of these research collaborations is our BeGreen Chrome® pilot process, in which a functional hard chrome layer is deposited from a chromium(III) electrolyte. The coating properties differ in part from conventional hard chrome plating, which is why the feasibility for the respective application must be tested.

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Manufacturing specifications


Up to 250 kg


Plant: 900 L x 650 W x 700 H
Please inquire about component size individually, as it depends on the area to be chromium-plated.


Steels and non-ferrous metals

Layer thickness

Dimensional chromium plating: 5 – 40 µm
Oversize chromium plating: up to 200 µm
Hybrid: e.g. 30 µm nickel + 30 µm chromium

Hard chrome properties

Hard chrome is characterized by high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and very good wear resistance. Hard chromium plating extends the technical properties of components and prolongs their service life. Functional chrome plating is used in particular for wear protection in the aerospace, automotive, hydraulics and various branches of mechanical engineering.


National authorities and international regulations such as REACH set strict requirements and limits for the use of hexavalent chromium in surface coatings. Workers must be protected against exposure and the environment against emissions. The chromium layer deposited by the galvanic process is present as a metal in neutral form – chromium(0). Hard-chrome plated components are non-toxic and therefore harmless. Under FAQ on REACH you will find more information on the ban on chromium trioxide and our application for authorisation.

BeGreen Chrome®

The BeGreen Chrome® process deposits a functional hard chrome layer from a chromium(III) electrolyte and is free from the hazardous substance chromium(VI). Compared to conventional hard chrome plating, the process is considerably more sensitive and complex. A multi-part pre-treatment series, special anode technology and close process monitoring are required. Betz-Chrom is facing up to these challenges and consistently pursuing its own vision of green electroplating.

Layer properties


semi-glossy grayish


800 – 900 HV 0.05
with post-treatment up to 1600 HV


Rmax < 0.1 μm to Rz 70 μm

Macro cracked

Wear resistance (abrasion resistance)

Taber Abraser Test: 1.6 mg / 1000 revolutions

Corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS

Hybrid nickel 30 µm + chromium 20 µm: 1008 h Rp 10

Magnetic property


RoHS compliant

lead and cadmium free

Green powder Chromium(III) oxide

BeGreen Chrome® – why green?

Like proud parents, we have given our new process a name: BeGreen Chrome®. “Be” identifies the belonging to the Betz-Chrom family. “Chrome” informs about the type of coating. But what does “Green” mean? This is to highlight the hard chrome plating based on trivalent chromium compounds. While chromium(VI) oxide is red-violet, chromium(III) oxide has a green colour. The avoidance of hexavalent chromium compounds is also a more environmentally friendly process. We hope that our BeGreen Chrome® process will be able to replace hard chrome plating based on hexavalent chrome compounds in the long term. The introduction of BeGreen Chrome® therefore represents an important step in the pursuit of our vision of green electroplating.

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