Surface Coating

functional coatings for metal surfaces

With our functional coating processes electroless nickel and hard chrome we extend the technical properties of components and protect them against corrosion and abrasion. We also use our know-how to coat parts with complex geometries or large dimensions. Surface refinement increases the functional reliability of components and extends their service life. Worn or damaged components can even be repaired by repair hard chrome plating or brush plating and a new life cycle of the components can be started.

our coating processes

Steel plate chemically nickel-plated on all sides

Electroless Nickel

For hardness, wear resistance and very high corrosion protection with even layer thickness distribution.

Screw tip hard chrome plated on all sides

Hard Chrome

For corrosion protection, tribological properties and a particularly high wear resistance against mechanical stress.

Instandsetzung einer Kolbenstange in der Hydraulik


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Hybrid coating hard chrome and electroless nickel

In the case of hybrid coating, components are first electroless nickel-plated and then subsequently hard-chrome-plated. In doing so, all the advantages of hard chrome and electroless nickel are being combined in one shift system. The combination layer guarantees very good wear protection in conjunction with high corrosion protection and is ideally suited for use in an environment with high chemical and mechanical stress.

Regeneration of worn components

The new production of a worn component is often expensive and time-consuming, especially due to machine downtime. The high-quality and time-saving regeneration of components is the optimal alternative to an expensive new acquisition. The worn components are restored to their original dimensions by means of pre-grinding, excess hard chrome plating and finish grinding including Superfinishing. In the case of minor damage, smaller spots can be repaired by using brush plating.

Thermal post-treatment

In hard chrome plating, tempering or low-hydrogen annealing is used as a preventive measure with regard to the resistance of high-strength steel components to hydrogen-induced brittle fracture following DIN 50969. Right after the chrome plating, the components are tempered in a furnace between 120°C – 210°C to remove the hydrogen absorbed by the material during the coating process.

In electroless nickel-plated components, the hardness and coating adhesion of the nickel-phosphorus alloy can be increased by thermal post-treatment. For this purpose, the components are tempered in a furnace between 230°C – 400°C after the electroless nickel plating.

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