Brush Plating

the partial repair prodcedure

Brush Plating, also known as selective plating, is a special galvanic process in which layers are partially deposited. Brush plating is particularly suitable for repairing minor damages to specific areas.

The optimal repair procedure for small damages

Brush plating is a repair process used for the repair of surfaces. The electrochemical application of metal allows surfaces to be partially coated. Small damage such as pores or partial imperfections and wear points are systematically sealed using the selective plating process. After brush plating, the component has a smooth and sealed surface once more.

For larger imperfections, there is also the possibility of spot welding, which we can also offer you. In the case of severe signs of wear, we recommend a repair hard chrome plating of the entire component instead of partial repair. Learn more about the procedure and advantages of Regeneration here.

Damage before brush plating:

Impact area before repair with Selectron

Sealed surface after brush plating:

Impact area was repaired using the Selectron tampon plating process and is no longer visible

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How does brush plating work?

Graphite anodes are used for the selective plating. These are wrapped with cotton wool and soaked in an electrolyte. The anode is connected to a rectifier and switched positive. The component to be coated represents the cathode and is negatively connected. Finally, the anode soaked in the electrolyte is used to systematically seal the partial imperfection on the component. The process of brush plating consists of pre-treatment (cleaning), activation (pickling) and metal deposition. The deposited metallic material is finally ground and leveled.

Depending on the surface, various metallic electrolytes are suitable for filling the imperfections. In most cases copper electrolytes are used. However, nickel and cobalt electrolytes are also used to seal small pores. The size of the components is of secondary importance for the selective plating process and must be checked individually for feasibility.

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